a toronto grown service, supporting the community we love

    We have this crazy idea that it should be as easy to shop locally as it is to shop with The Big Guys (not that we're naming names). And we know that easy, affordable, speedy delivery is a big thing that can get in the way.

    We match anyone needing GTA delivery with a network of vetted couriers that are thrilled lend a hand. Small business owners, passionate shoppers and even bargain enthusiasts in Buy & Sell groups all have a home with BLSH.


    How it works:

    • Fill in our request a courier form and pick the price you want to pay

    • BLSH posts your job to our entire courier network

    • A courier accepts your job as is or counters

    • You decide if you want to take the counter offer or not

    This means you always get the best available price and you'll know right away if your job can be taken. Never worry again that a job is too big, too tricky or too far away.